Episode 14: A Pornstar Drinks My Pee feat. Rocky Emerson & Jane Wilde (FULL EPISODE)

August 21, 2020

During the pandemic I started a podcast to just vent into a microphone after having abandoned several other old podcast projects years ago… I felt the itch again. I recorded the first 12 or so episodes of my podcast at home during the pandemic and it finally came time to take it out of the Dark Ages. I have spent the last few weeks building out a proper studio for what will probably be more for a visual medium than just the auditory nature of podcasts. I don’t know why I’m using big words… basically: more tits and weird shit will happen because we’ve got video capabilities now AND most importantly ALL the content on here is hosted on MY servers so it can’t ever be taken down.

This is the first episode in the new format. I asked Jane Wilde & Rocky Emerson to come help me test out the new studio. They showed me what a standing 69 would look like. Rocky drank my piss. Jane tried out our new buttplugs. It’s a mess of a first episode. Enjoy!